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Springfest 5/24/17

                    SPRINGFEST RESULTS

                              BEST 2 of 4


1st        Dan Haller, Jim Moran, Connor Imboden, Cameron Zbrzeznj               139      $95 Each

2nd       Bob Paris, Mark Trigilio, Bob Imboden, Pete Smith                                 139      $85 Each


 1st         Cale Baumann, Dave Zimmer, Jim Bahm, Mike Sisiti                              118      $95 Each

2nd       Chuck Dushole, Ted Dushole, Tom Hakel, Tom Gaadt                            124      $85 Each

3rd        Bob Danylko, Dave Westcott, Ken Ray, Mike Roth                                  130      $75 Each

4th        Phil Lucchese, Bob Passerotti, John Lucchese Sr., John Lucchese, Jr.   130      $65 Each

5th        Sean Costello, Pete Lambo, Dan Rosenberg, Dave Cohan                       132      $55 Each

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