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2017 Annual Meeting Minutes

LPGC Board Meeting Minutes

Annual Meeting May 10, 2017


  • The meeting was called to order at 6:10 PM.
    • Board members present: Chip Shamburg, Dave Johnson, Jim Borelli, Dennis Bort, Mark Causgrove, Ramon Watkins, Chuck Dushole ,Don Patrick, Mike Jenkin .
    • Board members absent: None
    • Club managers present: Marci Honard, Jay Honard, Scott Jenkins, Nick Kunik, Michele Horneman, Chuck Agresti.
    • Club managers absent: None
    • Approval of May 2016 minutes: Approved
  • People addressing the Board: None (questions were taken from those in attendance) (there were 20 members in attendance)
  • Reports
    • President – Chip welcomed all and introduced the board members, board advisors and Managers.
    • Treasurer – Mark Causgrove: Introduced our new financial advisor Mike Jenkins. We just finished our financial audit with Bob Imboden and our financial health is strong. Jackie Gulnac resigned and we are in the process of interviewing replacement candidates. 

Mike Jenkins added that we had a $27000.000 profit last year. Our assets vs. our liabilities ratio is in good shape. The Club paid down $210000.00 of our debt and did not take on any new debt. We can meet our bank covenants with Erie Bank. We base our budget on anticipated membership.                                                        

  • House Committee -Chuck Dushole/ Marci Honard
    • We are excited about our staff. The wait staff appears to be better than last year. We now have a reciprocating agreement with the Erie Yacht Club.
    • All in attendance are encouraged to bring events to Lawrence Park ballroom.
    • Please give Chuck your input and feedback about how we are doing. That can help quite a bit.
    • Marci described the duties of Michele Horneman and stated that we have 17 weddings and 56 events scheduled so far this year. Marci is busy training our staff.
  • Membership – Ramon Watkins:
    • 273 golf members, 123 social members. We are doing more events to encourage members to come to the Park and enjoy.
  • Social Committee – Dennis Bort:
    • Planning a lobster nite; a low country boil in June; Tiki Bar nite.
    • Will try to keep members engaged in the club with new smaller events.
    • Please tell me your ideas and thoughts.
  • Golf Committee: Don Patrick/Scott Jenkins:
    • Good weather last year resulted in a good season. Scott and his staff do a great job.
    • Scott added: Hired Wendy Menard to work in the Pro Shop. Added some bag staff.
    • Opening Day Tournament had a nice turnout.
    • We are working on a reciprocal with Moon Brook CC in Jamestown N.Y. Scott will send out an email to keep the membership up to speed.
  • Greens Committee –Chuck Jenkins/Nick:
    • Course wintered well.
    • Nick added: No disease issues over the winter. Ladies’ locker room was redone and the sewer line was replaced. John Patterson and George did a great job on the ladies’ locker room.
    • Did some renovations in the men’s locker room; new tile, new stalls and paint.
    • Replace some lights in the car port.
    • Purchased a new fairway sprayer.
    • Purchased a new 4 person cart to be used for weddings and the like.
    • Aerified the coursed on 5-1-17; have had too much rain and low temps at nite which slows healing.
    • #2 bunker complex will be worked on this season; the traps themselves and the grass area between the traps and the green to take the turf to the original grade. Over time there has been grade build up.
    • The creek will be dredged on 6-5-17.
    • Will be replacing the split rail fence behind #2 tee and extending it eastward for about 500 feet.
    • Will work on a new tee box on #9 close to the current white tee box.
    • Planning on replacing the existing score board; needs to be “modernized” and we can do the work ourselves.
    • Trees around the entrance driveway have been marked with an orange band are schedule to be removed by Penn-Elec. The exact date is not yet known.
    • We removed the tree from #9 Tee which was split beyond repair.
    • Between fairways 3&4, 4&5, 10&18, hope to remove some trees this winter to help promote grass growth and improve the turf. Need a cold winter to do so to minimize course damage. We will get bids from local companies and try to trade the wood for the work to mitigate costs.


  • Long Range Planning – Dave Johnson:
    • Explained the role of the committee is to look at ways of improving the course and the house.
    • Works with the dept. heads to see what needs to be replaced so we can budget for it if necessary.
    • We are looking at upgrading the façade of the building to match the renovations that have taken place so far.
    • Looking at redoing the parking lot at some time in the distant future to best serve our members.
  • Vice President: Jim Borelli
    • Working on the revision of the by-laws and safety training of our new greens staff.
    • Hope to be finished with the revisions by the end of the year so the membership and approve or disapprove the changes so, if accepted, the new by-laws can be in effect at the beginning of the 2018 golf season.
  • President: Chip Shamburg
    • Is excited to be working with the board.
    • Jay and Marci’s contract expires at the end of this year. If ready, Michele Horneman will assume the role of Food and Beverage Manager.


  • Old Business –
  • New Business- Question and Answers.
    • No other questions



  • Meeting was adjourned at 6:49 PM.


The next meeting will be May 2018

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